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Tired of video calls?  Google reveals a future solution

Tired of video calls? Google reveals a future solution

Fortunately, in 2021, working from home becomes possible in most cases. The internet allows us to stay in touch with our colleagues all day long. Video calls, video calls and more video calls. Whether it’s via Teams, Zoom or Google Meet: It’s still a breeze.

Three office meetings are significantly different from three across Teams. Delay, poor image quality, and all the resulting annoyances will ultimately ruin you. Not without reason that you are probably more mature after a day of video calls than a day at the office.

Google reveals the future of video calling

But hey, that’s enough of complaining. Google has the solution to many of these annoyances. The search giant is working on next-generation video calling, the digital meeting of the future. This is called Chat booth This ensures that you can make video calls to someone in 3D with multiple camera angles. This makes you feel as though the other is really sitting in front of you. You can see the other person from different angles by moving back and forth and making real eye contact. No more staring next to your webcam.

Google unveiled the ambitious project this week at I / O, a conference at which the tech giant unveiled its latest software and hardware. The official name of the project is Project Starline. The booth It uses different cameras and sensors to record your looks and looks from different points of view. Then those photos are attached At present They are glued together, creating a 3D model.

Google Project Starline video calls
3D on the air (Image: Google)

Really sit across from each other

As a 3D model, you will be in booth On the other hand. As if you were really sitting across from each other. Or, as Google puts it first by letting the testers do the talking: “It was as if she was sitting right in front of me!” Sitting across from each other at a distance sounds great, but for the moment it’s still a thing of the future for the average consumer.

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The first is booth Still giant, complete with cameras, professional table and lights. Google also confirms that the system uses a variety of dedicated and specialized devices, including a proprietary 3D display. The company is already testing Project Starline in several Google offices, and plans to begin testing with partners later this year. The company cited health care and the media as two industries to seek feedback from.


No, at the moment the music remains really futuristic and we still have to deal with the lovable old and late video calls. But inevitably, Google will also indirectly learn lessons from Project Starline, lessons that will find their way into the video calling hardware and software that you and I use. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the magic of Starline below.

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Tired of video calls? Google reveals a future solution