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Tom Cruise loses the “Space Race” to the Russians

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Tom Cruise He loses the race to be the first to shoot a movie in space. In Russia, it was officially announced that a movie will be shot in space in less than a month.

We know Cruz from Mission: ImpossibleThe franchise in which he does all kinds of feats. He wanted to be the first actor ever to actually go into space for a new movie. It is rumored that Cruise will be flying with the director in October Doug Lyman On a SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station.

Russians earlier

But as if there was an old-fashioned space race After that, the Russians announced that they would also make such a film. And now it turns out they were faster than Cruz. We didn’t hear anything official about the plans for a space cruise in October anyway.

Russian movie the challenge By director Klim Shipenko, it will fly into space on October 5 to make recordings there. The crew has been preparing for training cosmonauts at the Yuri Gagarin Center for a year and recently received permission to fly. The film will be shot in space for 12 days.

Universal Pictures previously paid $200 million for a space cruise and the making of the movie. Now it is not entirely clear if and when this will be the case.

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