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iGO News - News - Rest of the Odorp Coast region opposite Ouddorp Bad Oost

iGO News – News – Rest of the Odorp Coast region opposite Ouddorp Bad Oost

Ouddorp – Ouddorp Kuste Ruimte Rust opposes a plan to set up a hotel and 40 homes and catering establishments in Oude Nieuwlandseweg. “Our main objection is landscaping in nature.” The Ouddorp Kust Ruimte Rust Citizens’ Movement was founded to try to keep the landscape of the island’s headland as beautiful and natural as possible. “Our main concern with this plan is the disappearance of agricultural land. It is precisely the arable land, for example, flowers or other crops very close to the center of Odorp that we think is worth protecting. We are interested in the spaciousness that you experience when you visit the village center and the berm area, Just like on the west side towards the lighthouse. Why should this space be protected there and not here? We are and are still against the scheme. We also think we have good arguments turning into why the permit was not issued.” Read more below.


What does the plan include?

Estate Invest’s applications relate to:

  • Hotel with 40 rooms
  • Functions affiliated with the hotel, such as reception, bar, restaurant, health center in hotel guest service
  • 40 Homes for Leisure, Permanent and Part-time Residence
  • New roads, 98 parking lots, bike lanes and sidewalks
  • Various outbuildings such as a large bike shed.
  • Traffic will increase by 445 cars per 24 hours as a result of this plan.

Why against?

Ouddorp Kust Ruimte Rust: Our main objection against the plan is the nature of the landscape. The Ouddorp Kust Ruimte Rust Citizens’ Movement was founded to try to keep the landscape of the island’s headland as beautiful and natural as possible. Our primary concern with this plan is the disappearance of agricultural land. It is precisely the arable land, for example, flowers or other crops very close to the center of Ouddorp that we think deserves protection. We are interested in the spaciousness you experience when you leave the village center and berm area, just like the west side towards the lighthouse. Why should this spatial be protected there and not here?

the plan

The plan states: “..there has to be a better connection between the Ouddorp core and the dunes – both spatially and functionally. This is why this building plan is essential.” Ouddorp Kust Ruimte Rust doesn’t see why a new residential area and hotel should improve this connection. We prefer an open area with arable cultivation. In addition to the landscape argument, we have a number of other arguments against the plan. We have listed them below.


The developer of the project states the following in its implementation: the plan now implemented has the same meaning as the plan that was previously possible with the zoning plan. By applying for an environmental permit, the permit previously granted to the project can be used on the basis of the Nature Conservation Act, which can remove any obstacles regarding nitrogen deposition. It is expected that this previously approved development can still be achieved. This is an official language. Ouddorp Kust Ruimte Rust reads this as: “A permit was issued by the province about four years ago for the Nature Conservation Act. The State Council indicated last year that this permit is not good enough to change the zoning plan. The project developer believes that this permit is sufficient now. Environmental permit (eg building permit) We doubt it very much, but now we want to “keep our powder dry.” If we meet again at the State Council, this will become one of the hot topics.”

Spatial Planning 1

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Ouddorp Kust Ruimte Rust (OKRR) previously wrote: “…the project developer chooses a different procedure. He applies for an environmental permit without changing the zoning plan. This means (if all goes on) the hotel and houses will be built. It is not clear us the reason for choosing this particular system in the zoning plan. We know that from a legal point of view this deviant procedure can only be used if the activity does not conflict with good spatial planning. That the application falls short on this point. The planning of the plan area was done only in ” Job assignments”, but were not included in the plan’s rules. So it was not specified how the area would be designed.

  • The location of the houses has not been determined
  • Opinions are hardly guaranteed. This open area with unobstructed views of the dunes will disappear, and two houses will be built on this lot
  • The size (building area in front of) the hotel is not specified.
  • The size of the hotel is not specified as a building
  • We think we see a large bicycle shed on the diagram, but there are no requirements for the size or height of the building
  • Home construction and gutter elevation along Oude Nieuwlandseweg have not been repaired
  • The nature, size, design and degree of protection of the old and new sand walls to be built are not specified
  • The green environment and infrastructure are very sparse and this can be modified later.”

Spatial Planning 2

Since there is no zoning plan for the hotel and homes, it is not clear to the future owners of the hotel and homes what is and is not allowed. After all, there are no planning requirements, no building deck, and no building rules. Shed, annex, everything has to go through black and white. The only thing required is what is now stated in the permit application. It is not clear whether and where the future homeowner is allowed to build a shed. We therefore believe that the plan does not meet the due diligence requirements for spatial planning.

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3 . Spatial Planning

Explanation of the application can be found on page 13 of our latest newsletter: Preserving and enhancing the diverse and compact character of the landscape by preserving and restoring fences (with vegetation) and keeping open and green rooms recognizable. New developments should fit into the small landscape structure. However, we do not find this in detail. The drawing gives a picture of an ordinary new residential area with a few very small pieces of sandbank and some trees. There is nothing special about the small character or the open rooms.

to adjust

This is a modification in the field of regional politics. Definition: It relates to development that conforms to the existing identity of an area, but provides changes or additions at a structural level. Examples include the construction or expansion of a regional road or a limited number of new homes in the outlying area or a new rural area. In our opinion, this is not a matter of modification. The identity of the area is now agricultural. There is no connection to the current identity. More information can be found on page 15 of our latest newsletter.


The application states: Existing recreational areas are expanding. Some existing stadiums and mobile homes will be removed. This argument is used to indicate that there will be less traffic in the future, especially in the summer. The excess traffic is thus compensated by Ouddorp Bad Oost. We believe this argument is incorrect. Reducing the number of playgrounds at camp sites was completed some time ago. This mainly pertains to Groene Weide and Klepperstee. To our knowledge, there are no concrete plans to further reduce the number of playgrounds at camp sites near the construction plan.

Is it recreation?

The application states (explanation on page 13 of the last bulletin) that residential areas of entertainment have a recreational character. We only see entertainment in the hotel. A residential area is just a residential area. Any house may be occupied permanently.


Now that we have been able to study the plan, we see that almost nothing has changed compared to 2019. Only the chosen procedure is different. Why should you continue now? We have many arguments as to why this should not happen.

Source / text Ouddorp Kuste Ruimte Rust