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Toto jr supplies Pavo covers: 86 for Mac Toto USB and 85 for Hexagons Georgeous Black Art

Toto jr supplies Pavo covers: 86 for Mac Toto USB and 85 for Hexagons Georgeous Black Art

Mac Toto USB (by Toto jr) with Daniëlle Heijkoop – Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk.

In addition to the examination of the genealogical record with the degree increase and the examination of the dowry, the Pavo Cup was pre-selected in Oud-Turnhout today. The top scorer of the day was the four-year-old son of Glock Toto Jr. Mac Tutu USBwho scored 86 points under the leadership of Daniel Hiccup. Not much less than him (scored with Mega Points in NRPS) Black Gorgeous Hexagon Art (Also from Toto Jr.). In third place is Toto Jr. of Stal Hexagon.

In total, three four-year-old horses scored 80 or more points, of which Mac Toto USB (from Turjazzila keur pref sport-dr s. Jazz, breeder J. Van de Lar of Fürstenbosch) scored the highest. “This is a very tough horse and has a lot of looks,” Marianne Dorestijn explains. “A really impressive look. He has a lot of muscle and a lot of forehead. Although there was some noise around the ring, this horse remained very focused on the rider, doing his job undisturbed. It was very steady on its way to the trot, with good use of the front leg, plenty of flex and self-loading. He continued to gently walk toward his hand. The boat was also carried and made a tortuous picture with plenty of self-transportation. The walk was good on stroke and powerful, but in testing the rider could let it drop a bit more in the neck. It was a pretty cool test to watch, and certainly also for its in-house qualities, it got a 9 for the overall impression.” The Mac Toto USB 9 also scored in the trot with a score of 86.

Gorgos Black Art

Hexagons Gorgeous Black Art (Toto Jr out of Beauty Vienna D. stb s. Rubiquil, breeder Karin Visser of Scheemda) was one point lower, submitted by Benedek Pachl. “This is a horse with a very beautiful silhouette. It looked good and was well presented openly. This stallion stands out with a trot that has a lot of strokes and a spring, while seeming to be able to close easily and easily carry his weight on his hind leg. In submission, he went to side keeping tact and demeanor, plus we did a good wide without doing the speed.We saw this also in the can, it also stretched well and had a lot of balance and ease.In the trotting he can stay a little high.The march is concrete and firm,horse very complete.”

Hexagons Gorgeous Black Art (Glock’s Toto jr x Rubiquil) with Benedek Pachl – Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

Another Junior Tutu from Hexagon

The third score over 80 points was also for the descendant of Toto Jr.: Miyamanda Hexagons (From Ushimanda keur perst ibop-dr sport-dr s. Rubiquil, Stal Hexagon of Schore breeder) Also introduced by Benedek Pachl. This mare got 82 points. “This is a very attractive horse that has a good four-stroke in the stride. It stays nice and clean, even when the bridle is raised. This mare also has an attractive silhouette. The trot has lots of rhythm and lots of speed, and the return was amazing, which was very well presented.” The image was very static and worn throughout the test. In the canter you need a lot of posture, a lot of balance and no speed. The back leg holds up well, but even higher points won’t be able to bend anything in the back leg.”

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Hexagon’s Miamanda (by Toto Jr) with Benedek Pachl – Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk.

Luck is not on the side

There were absolutely no two horses in their row, because while trying these stallions, the horses came out nearby. Guinness (Glamordale of Jennifer ster prel. keur PROK D-OC s. Johnson, breeder BJ Broenink of Reutum) under bronze Charlotte Fry (just back from Tokyo!) and Seventh Sunday (In Style out of G-Daula ster s. Cadans M, Jams Joop and Renate van Uytert of Heerewaarden) Under Gerrel Vink, in part thanks to some tension, he stayed just under 80 points. They scored 79 points. “We have put the program on hold for a while to give these horses a little more chance,” Marianne explains. Guinness was noted for her elegance, long legs and fine trotting techniques. It was very easy to help him. We’ve also seen it in canter, with plenty of lightness and ease. He has a very nice stalk and trot technique. The move was very tense today. Jerryl also resolved the tension well on Sunday Seventh, this is a horse that has three good basic gaits, where strength and impulsivity especially stand out. He’s a very strong, tough horse and has a lot to offer.”

Eight, five and six years over eighty

After the four-year-old horses, a good group of five- and six-year-old horses entered the Pavo Cup pre-selection track in Belgium. At least eight of them had a score above 80 points.

Bart Pax and Johan Hamminga evaluated five and six-year-old horse classes in Belgium. “It was arranged perfectly: the lower parts were in good condition, the sound was good and this pre-selection was very accessible to the audience,” Bart explains. “On the one hand, the audience could follow the Pavo Cup, and on the other hand, it was inside the cage. In all the inspection classes and the Pavo Cup together, we had to send ten horses home because the vaccinations were not in order, and that was a point of interest, but other than that it went on Okay “.

Hexagon Leon

The winner of the five-year-old horses was Ferdinand’s son Hexagon Leon (Outside Beauty Vienna D stb s. Rubiquil, breeder Karin Visser), Submitted by Sergio Garcia Bermejo. “This horse walked with very good use of the body and good range. A jog with a lot of lunge and a good hind leg. For a higher score he could be a little nicer on the end of his foot. For a boat he got an 8.5 just like walking. And he remained very closed off.” In total, this trick got 82 points.

Van Olst scores

Three horses scored 81 points, first lorava (Giovanni of Cavinia-S elite sport-dr PROK s. Westpoint, breeder: C. van Etten of Zundert) sweeping Janneke van Riet. “He trot actively with a really good space. On a trot, this might not be the most striking horse, but he trot is very functional. He can stick a little more at it. This horse ran in three good strokes with plenty of space, and moved easily. This neutered popped out.” Because of the natural way of serving, he kept very gentle on the lean and was well driven with his hand.”

Also his nigger son Lionel V (From Zwyrintha keur Preprst ibop-dr s. Tenerife VDL, breeder R. van Erp of Oss) scored 81 points. This chestnut stallion was presented by Charlotte Fry. “This horse gave a very beautiful figure, he has a nice forehead and a nice neck. He walked with a lot of movement and good use of the body. We saw on the trot a lot of art, but could have carried him a little more now and then. He was able to do a lot of lunge and good range. And good jumping. The harmonious picture with this horse also stood out.” He was the third horse with 81 points lambornini b (Charmeur from Hacific VDL sport-spr s. Inshallah de Muze, breeder HWM van de Burg of Bleiswijk) swept by Jessica Nijpjes. “This horse walked with good use of the body, but could improve quite a bit from his back leg to a higher point. Whether at trotting or cantering, he was noted to have a lot of power and impulsivity, and showed nice use of the front leg and good range.”

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Lambornini B (Charmeur x Inschallah de Muze) with Jessica Nijpjes Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk.

Six-year-old horses: Bronze Charlotte Fry on the spot with the young horses again

In the six-year-old horses, two horses advanced by 84 points. Ruler’s son Kashmir (Ruler of the Saranka V Elite before PROK s. Ferro, Breeders Ad van de Tillaart of Zijtaart and HHJM Rovers of Zijtaart). Michelle Westerdyk rides this stallion. “This horse walked actively with enough space, but could have had a bit more rest. He trotted with lots of technique and kept a good trot quality in a side gait. He ran with a lot of lunge, jumped really well off the ground and could change gears easily” .

Kashmir got 9 for the trotting, just like Anemone coronaria (Glamordale of Equity iPop Dr. DOC Ampere, breeder Krist Snippangers of Bergen op Zoom) who also scored 84 points under Charlotte Fry. “This stallion was actively walking, but could still be more flexible in the body. He trots with great style and good use of the back leg. At the trotting we saw a lot of lunging and he clearly showed that he is really good at gathering.”

Poppy with Charlotte Fry – Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk.

82 and 81 points

Under Kim Alting, Cobalt Spring (Giovanni of GoldSpring stb-ext PROK s. Charmeur, breeder: EH Schoonhoven of Schoonrewoerd) scored 82 points. “This horse stood out because it was properly presented in a nice sloping position and was very obedient in the exercises. He walked with a lot of movement and made good use of the body. On the trot he was light-footed and showed a lot of suppleness. In the trotting we saw a good take-off and a good jump, and could stay a little more closed in the counter.”

Chagall D & R-zoon Kensington (Out of Saralisa Elite, Don Premiere, breeder Landa Hartliff-Hasipus of Altina and M. Hartliff of Elde) scored 81 points. Martin Van Fleet was riding this chestnut. “This horse walked with a lot of range and good dexterity. For a higher figure he could bend a little more in the back leg. He played really well with good technique and stood out due to half passes on the trot. This horse ran with great power, great drive and good jump. In substitutions. Simple, showed that it was easy to collect.”

Source: KWPN