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Toyota introduces concept for an all-electric SUV – image and sound – news

Toyota demonstrated the concept of its first fully electric passenger car for the European market at the Shanghai Motor Show: the bZ4X. This is an electric SUV that should come to the Netherlands in 2022. By 2025, there should be fifteen electric models for the brand.

The bZ4X is The first car In a new line of battery-powered electric cars from Toyota, which will be rolled out worldwide, the brand explained in a press release. By 2025, there should be fifteen different Toyotas electric cars, including seven in the bZ series.

It is not Toyota’s first electric passenger car, but it is the first to be marketed in the Netherlands. The electric C-HR is currently being sold in China as well. In addition, the manufacturer has a hydrogen car, the Mirai, and Toyota was one of the first to manufacture a hybrid car with the Prius.

The bZ4X is the first car to hit the The new e-TNGA platform Toyota and Subaru are built. This platform is a production base on which car brands can easily build electric cars of all kinds, configurations and sizes. The e-TNGA platform is also slated to include a compact car jointly developed by Suzuki and Daihatsu, another mid-size SUV, a sedan, a van and a large SUV. It is the successor to the TNGA platform, with nearly all Toyotas and Lexus vehicles built since 2015.

The brand has yet to reveal how much power the bZ4X will have and how far the car will be. However, since all-wheel drive is built on the e-TNGA platform, the range is clearly between 300 and 600 km, depending on vehicle size, with two electric motors providing between 80-150 kW of power. Because it’s a midsize SUV, Motortrend expected The range would be 400-480 km.

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The delivery of the car was announced with a charging system that can store solar energy. Perhaps this means the car can carry solar panels on the roof, which can be powered, which is already possible with the Toyota Prius hybrid.

Toyota bZ4X