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Leterme advises head of CD & V Coens to put reform plans aside

The fact that Chairman Joachim Coens wants to change party laws while craving a strategy as a centrist party is causing a lot of stir in CD&V as former Prime Minister Yves Lauterme is working on the hips.

The statute amendment proposed by CD&V Chairman Joachim Cowans, with which he implements an element of The Twelve Apostles Report, is causing increased anger in the party. This became evident during a public meeting last week. At the Digital Party Council on Monday, former Prime Minister Yves Lauterme advised the chairman of the board to abandon his reform plans.

The Queens amendment to the statute is mainly facing headwinds from the youth, women and the elderly, as they have to back off. As CD&V Seniors Chairman, Erik Van Rompuy opposed. Queens also wants to relinquish the powers of former party leaders and government leaders. Now they are part of the party council for life. But nobody thinks Leterme can be done for that.

Party supporters say the discontent runs deeper. The fact that the president is working on the platform does not answer the question of what strategy Queens wants to put CD&V on the map as the central party. He’s already started with his Christmas Manifesto, In which closeness is preached againBut it has since stopped. Dissatisfaction with this appears to translate into turmoil regarding the amendment of the Articles of Association.