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Training leave will be doubled |  interior

Training leave will be doubled | interior

The Flemish training leave will be doubled once in the next academic year from 125 hours to 250 hours. That reports the Flemish Minister of Labor Hilde Krewitz (CD&V). Duplicating is only possible if the employer suggests training.

The Flemish government provided 10 million euros for this. The goal is to give an extra boost to the Flemish training leave so that more employees are encouraged to follow the training courses.

An employee can currently be absent from work for a maximum of 125 hours with Flemish training leave. This can be doubled if the employer, after consulting with the employee, suggests the training itself. This means that the employee may be absent for 125 hours for courses of his choice, and 125 hours for courses suggested by the employer.

Leave cannot be compulsory. It is the employee who decides to accept the employer’s offer.

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