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"Traitor!": The Republican senator who voted twice to impeach Trump, booed at party convention |  abroad

“Traitor!”: The Republican senator who voted twice to impeach Trump, booed at party convention | abroad

Mitt Romney, the Republican senator from Utah, was booed at his state’s Republican convention by some in the room. Romney is the only Republican to vote twice to oust former President Donald Trump.

Romney was dubbed a “traitor” and “communist” by some audiences in Utah yesterday when he began speaking at the conference. Romney is one of the most prominent Republicans and a senator from Utah. He was formerly the governor of Massachusetts, and in 2012 until the Republican presidential candidate to confront Barack Obama.

But at the same time, Romney is also a major critic of Donald Trump in his party. He previously said twice that he himself did not vote for Trump in the presidential election, and in early 2020 and early 2021, he voted to impeach the president during impeachments. Since he doesn’t want to be reelected in 2022 anyway, there’s no need to fear Trump’s retaliation. Trump was acquitted twice in the Senate, as it took a two-thirds majority to convict him.

When she was not booing, Romney asked his outraged members of his party if they were “not ashamed”. “I am a man who says what he means, and you know I was not impressed with the character of our last president. You can poke fun at me as much as you want. You have been a Republican all my life. My father was the governor of Michigan, and I was the presidential candidate for 2012.”

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The uproar in Utah only subsided when local party chief Derek Brown asked attendees to show respect. In the end, there was a vote to officially silence Romney, but that proposal narrowly failed: 798 members voted against the proposal, 711 in favor.

Senator Mitt Romney at the Utah party conference yesterday. © AP