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A British representative (91) is absent from the sexual harassment course due to the surgery and the risk penalties

A British representative (91) is absent from the sexual harassment course due to the surgery and the risk penalties

Betty Butheroid is seen as the best House President Great Britain has ever had. Thanks to humor, theatrical gestures, and sharp tongue, she dominated the tumultuous House of Commons in the 1990s. Everyone feared Madame Speaker of the House of Representatives, even successive Prime Ministers John Major and Tony Blair.

This dread is lacking in Lucy Scott Moncrieff. The 91-year-old Butheroid, a member of the House of Lords for the time being, is likely to be punished for missing a mandatory workshop on bullying, discrimination and transgressive sexual behavior due to poor health.

Sexual scandals

Everyone appreciatedEveryone values, that’s the name of the course organized by Challenge Consultancy, a consultancy firm specializing in diversity and equality. BBC staff have had to believe this, Home Office officials, members of the British Film Awards jury, as well as politicians in Westminster, who often fall into the trap of sexual scandals. Optional for members of the House of Commons; For the lords and the lady, it is mandatory. The two-hour rehabilitation process for parliamentarians cost the taxpayer € 860,000.

At the start of this year, Boothroyd got an invitation. The elderly politician recently underwent an open heart surgery. She is recovering from this, on the advice of her doctors, in a country far from London. Scott Moncrieff, House of Lords ethics supervisor, suggested you take a two-hour course with Zoom. The doctor himself strongly advised Boothroyd to avoid attempts like Zoom encounters or she would have done so. “You never get old to learn,” that’s her creed.


Instead of waiting, Scott Moncrieff, a human rights and mental health attorney, decided to further investigate Pothroid’s absence – potentially leading to penalties. Boothroyd isn’t alone. Lord Heseltine, the famous conservative who led to Margaret Thatcher’s downfall, had problems not to participate in the course, which was due to be completed before April 1. The 88-year-old was recovering from knee surgery at a nursing home. Lord Trimble, who received the Nobel Prize for his role in peace in Northern Ireland, is also in doubt.

The Butheroid case led to disbelief. A Conservative MP claimed to an English newspaper that the situation is completely insane. Betty Butheroid is the person whose future statues will be erected. This is like the trial of an activist who has the right to vote for not voting in an election. ”

Another said that if anyone had to teach the course, it was Boothroyd himself. After the issue was reported in the media, Boothroyd, Heseltine, and other senators were also barred from speaking to the press pending an official investigation.

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