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Traveling for the Christmas holidays and returning to Belgium? These are the current rules

Whether or not you should be isolated or tested after completing a PLF depends on your travel time, the color code of the vacation area, whether it is in the Schengen area and your vaccination, recovery or testing status.

Despite being relaxed on vacation, now that you’ve headed home, you still have a question on your mind: ‘What about the rules for returning?’ Do not panic. These are the latest rules for those returning from vacation.

To find out which rules apply to you, it is a good idea to check the following information:

1) I have a PLF required?

2) What The color code of my travel destination?

3) Do I travel inside Schengen Zone? And my travel destination List of most dangerous countries?

4) Have I been vaccinated, recovered or tested? (See the Apps or printed Govt Safe ticket to know your status)

1) Do I have to fill in the Passenger Location Form?

In In most cases this will be necessary. Only those staying in Belgium for less than 48 hours or staying abroad for less than 48 hours are not required to complete the Passenger Residence Form (PLF).

Being in that order Two exceptions: When traveling by plane or boat, you should always have a PLF on hand, even if you have been abroad for less than 48 hours. Anyone traveling by train or bus must have a PLF for non-Schengen countries. The second exception applies to the list of countries in a Very high riskSuch as South Africa and some other African countries. If so, you must fill out the PLF in all cases.

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Everyone from the age of 12 is obligated to complete the PLF. Junior details will be recorded in the form of parent / guardian / responsible person. Those traveling alone and under the age of 12 must fill out their own PLF. You can fill out the form 6 months in advance and you will receive a QR code as proof of completing the form.

2) Should I be tested or isolated?

It depends on the color code of your travel destination and whether or not it enters the Schengen area. Green or orange zone As for a country outside the Schengen area you have nothing to do. Only: Those zones are low. In Europe, the green and orange zones are found only in Romania. New Zealand and Indonesia, among others, appear in green on the ‘white list’ of third countries (non-Schengen zone).

You a Red zone within the Schengen zone (or from the red country on the white list)? Then you have to realize Unvaccinated Or not recently recovered. This is possible within (1) 72 hours (PCR) or 36 hours (antigen testing) or (2) the first or second day in Belgium before returning to Belgium. You may be out of isolation after a negative first test. You should be re-examined on the 7th day after you return.

To Vaccinated Individuals who have recently recovered from Kovit disease are free to be tested and isolated if they travel within the Red Zone or the White List Red Country in Schengen.

The test rules apply from the age of 12. Through isolated rules, children follow what their parent / guardian / responsible person does.

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There are currently no red-listed countries on the white list.

There are strict rules for Red countries outside the Schengen area. Both vaccinated and non-vaccinated should be tested by PCR test within 24 hours of return. Vaccinated individuals may roam freely after the first negative test, but should undergo another PCR test on day 7.

Those who are not vaccinated cannot avoid isolation for red countries outside the Schengen area. They will inevitably be isolated for 10 days with PCR testing on days 1 and 7 after their return. You can make exceptions to this drastic measure Here Inside Here Find out.

Here too the rules of selection from the age of 12 apply. For isolated rules, children follow what their parent / guardian / responsible person does.

Strict rules are set aside High-risk countries outside the Schengen area. All travelers returning from such a country should be isolated for 10 days – including those who have been vaccinated. There is a mandatory PCR test at 1 and 7 days after return. Again: The test rules apply from the age of 12. Children follow the parent / guardian / person responsible for the isolation.

High-risk countries within the Schengen area Not currently available.

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