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Traveling to the US can be easy – business travel

US President Joe Biden told a White House meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel last weekend that she would lift travel restrictions from Europe.

As he talked about reopening his continental journey across the Atlantic, Merkel put pressure on him and promised to wait for the green light from his Govt team.

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Commenting on the news, Martin Ferguson, VP Global Communications & Public Affairs at American Express Global Business Travels said: “President Biden’s comment is encouraging. We know, so we urge the US government to clarify as soon as possible.

Other travel agencies are also asking Washington to deregulate soon. They rely on studies from the U.S. Department of Defense, the Mayo Clinic (a national educational medical center) and Harvard University, which say that with the right safety measures, air travel can be resumed.

Travel bans on Canada, the European Union and the United Kingdom cost the US economy $ 1.5 billion a week – enough to support 10,000 jobs.

Photo © White House

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