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Trump's company charged with tax crimes |  abroad

Trump’s company charged with tax crimes | abroad

The Wall State Journal reported, based on informed sources, that the company and Weisselberg are being sued for interest tax evasion.

In recent months, it has been investigated whether taxes were paid, among other things, on cars, homes and apartments for employees. Prosecutors tried to get Wesselberg’s cooperation, but his attorneys said he wouldn’t.

Trump has long denied financial abuses occurred within his company and has described the investigation as politically motivated. As far as is known, the former president himself is not on trial. However, the charges may mean that the banks and business partners no longer want to cooperate with his company, which could be fined if found guilty.

Insiders told the Washington Post a few days ago that the Trump Organization had been given a deadline. The company’s lawyers were allowed until noon Monday to explain why plaintiffs had dropped a criminal case over financial violations. For example, the investigation is also focused on manipulating the value of real estate, which will lower taxes and allow for more favorable loans.

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