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Two Belgian investigators pilot Clearview’s facial recognition software – IT Pro – News

Two Belgian investigators used a pilot license for controversial facial recognition software Clearview AI. This was admitted by Home Secretary Annelies Verlinden, who had twice previously denied this.

Minister says FBI investigators used Clearview AI in October 2019, writes kanak. They attended a meeting of the Europol Victim Identification Task Force and were given access to a “trial license valid for a limited time”.

According to Verlinden, Clearview was submitted by the FBI and a “limited number of consultations” were then conducted with Clearview. Then the Belgian investigators provided the photos themselves. Verlinden maintains that Clearview is not used structurally; As far as we know, this is the only time the Belgian police have used “Clearview”.

The Belgian Police Information Control Authority, in short, has asked the Federal Police additional questions about the use of Clearview. The answers to this are expected within a week and a half.

Buzzfeed wrote earlier That Clearview will have clients in Belgium, The Federal Police will They used the service from one hundred to five hundred times. So it’s not clear if the two investigators used the service together often, if Buzzfeed’s numbers were incorrect, or if more investigators gained access to the service.

Although Verlinden says Clearview AI is not being used structurally now, she notes that facial recognition is an “interesting path” to support police missions. “But this is of course only possible with a valid legal basis,” says Verlinden.

The Netherlands is also on Buzzfeed’s lists. Dutch government He has since been denied twice The Dutch police use Clearview. Clearview scrapes images of faces and other personal data from social media to recognize people’s faces.

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