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Two Engvall goals don't give KV Mechelen any points in Charleroi

Two Engvall goals don’t give KV Mechelen any points in Charleroi


It looks like KV Mechelen will end up in the playoff in Europe. In Charleroi, Engvall gave the start of an evening rich in goals, but in the end it was the home team who scored the longest: 3-2.

Yannick Lambrecht

Both teams had nothing to gain or lose from a sporting point of view. This led to many substitutions in Malinwa – Bas Van den Eynden, for example, earned his first ever base spot – and above all an entertaining game picture. Everyone was free to attack, and defense was more than an afterthought. Eighteen chances were scored this way in the first half and another sixteen after the break. The 3-2 final score is not surprising.

Engvall to cannon

Gustav Engvall, in particular, felt like a fish in the water. The Swedish striker was in the starting lineup for the second time this season and thanked him with the most goals. And he headed the opening goal accurately at the far post after a corner kick from Hermanns. It also closed with an inside tag on the Cuypers pass. Finally his name on the scoreboard. It has been in the meantime since August 3, 2019.

Regardless of his goals, KV still had good chances. Shved tried from his half but shot wide, and Cuypers couldn’t finish getting past four men solo. On the other hand, Nkoba succeeded. Young producer Charleroi easily cut right and left Thoelen without a chance with a superb kick in the upper left corner, at the time 1-1. Beginning of the End.

Charleroi was still jumping over Malinois. Bayo, if all the most dangerous in the Zebras, was the killer with two goals in Morioka’s pass. To the horror of Mechelaars, this was her first time on stage, already for the umpteenth time this season. Initially his second right was wrongly dismissed for offside, but the VAR still has to correct this error. Engvall’s counter-prick and last attack without new targets yielded no points.


another one

KV Mechelen does not have to take the defeat seriously, because before that there was nothing else to make up for. The additional premium can be an incentive, because the seventh place in the rating gets 200,000 euros more than the eighth. Then KV must win at home against Genk on the last day of the match and Charleroi is not allowed to do so in Ghent. Although this coming weekend will be especially important to end this unforgettable period in the history of the Mechelen beauty club.

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