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U.S. government files lawsuit against Amazon supermarket for banning Black Lives Matter lyrics on clothing

The U.S. Federal Agency for the Defense of Labor has filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods, a U.S. supermarket chain acquired by Amazon in 2017. Supermarket chain employees will be banned from wearing clothing with Black Lives Matter messages by 2020.

In many states workers have been accused of wearing such clothing. People have also been fired for this, the agency said.

“Our dress code aims to provide our employees and customers with the best service and quality food shopping experience around,” the company said in a statement. “We do not intend to diminish that experience by introducing news regardless of the content of the corporate apparel.”

“Racial harassment and discrimination issues are central to working conditions,” said Jill Kaufman, the agency’s regional director in San Francisco. “With our accusation, we want to protect the rights of workers who stand up for these important issues.”

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