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Why we are active in international water sports federations

How did it come about? Netherlands watershed: We travel by sea, discoverers of delta works and excavations all over the world. Our water sports achievements do not go unnoticed and people are internationally impressed by our athletes and coaches. The WatersportWerbond approach is also increasingly striking. As a result, I even featured in Chinese TV films this week: a report on our best sports policy, consistency and how to win the next generation for water sports.

Therefore, it is not surprising that you will meet comrades from all over the world, from various international water sports organizations spread across a complex system of teams and workgroups. Willem Decker is one of the most famous. He is the President of the EBA and a member of the World Sailing Council on behalf of the Remco de Goede Belgians. In addition, an army of volunteers is active and they are doing amazing work within the international partnership. No average achievement: because you have to be deep in some topics and maneuver wisely through such a system.

However, there are four reasons why WatersportWerbond is active in international water sports networks:

1. Influence

More and more national regulations are being determined internationally. We want to talk about this at the source and guide it. Topics vary greatly: from boating license to toilet water discharge and wind turbines to new competition rules and regulations.

2. Sharing and encouraging knowledge

Wind farms are being built around the world. But how to keep them afloat for the boat of entertainment? Interesting examples can be found in Scandinavia. Recently we were able to point out to our Minister an interesting initiative from Denmark. In addition, there is a lot to learn in the training field. Take New Zealand. In this water sports crazy country, successful links are currently being made in training programs between the ten Olympic divisions and the sea boat. Research on The Blackwater Facilities has a completely different sequence; Or how to solve the problem that occurs when passing your toilet. Free pumping facilities are successful in Finland, while things are not going well because of the demand for coins in Sweden.

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3. Win the best game

An example, but thanks to our international contacts, there are already excellent training and accommodation in the port of Marseille for the Olympics in France. Dutch officials also take part in the Youth World Cup in Oman. Preparations for the Youth World Cup and World Cup in the Netherlands.

4. Innovations and improvements

Foil Had Dorian van Rijsselberghe not brought this to the attention of international federations it would not have become so popular around the world so quickly.

In the meantime, there are some caveats to do. For example, meetings and events within international water sports federations are increasingly organized in countries where you may be wondering what we are looking for there. There are some amazing studies, including the Baltic Sea Test of underwater noise from ships.

If that’s all.


Arno van Kervan is the director of the Royal Dutch Water Sports Association. Each week he discusses current topics in water sports. Do you want to respond? Do it at [email protected].