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U.S. House to cancel sessions after warning of attack on far-right militants

Capitol is seen through the security screen.Image AFP

Security measures in the US capital were tightened immediately on Wednesday. Washington and the Capitol Police and the FBI were already on high alert because conspiracy theorists from Quinn had been reporting for several days that former President Trump would run for a second term today.

Related to this is the threat posed by far-right militants. Until a constitutional amendment in 1933, the new president always took office on March 4 in Capitol. “We have received information about a plot by a militant group to enter the Capitol on Thursday, March 4,” Parliamentary Police said in a statement. “We are ready for threats against Congressmen and Capitol.”

Parliamentary Police Chief Yogananda Pitman called the information his agents stumbled upon “worrying.” Timothy Blatjet, the council’s top security official, also rang the bell. He warned 435 MPs that “a militant group” could strike from March 4 to 6. Earlier this week, Flatjet promised MPs. He said there were “no signs” that some groups were planning violence this weekend.

Take the capital

The FBI and Homeland Security report came to all intelligence agencies in the country on Tuesday, ahead of warnings from police and the plotjet. It pointed out that a militant group of militants had spoken online about the capture of Capitol on Thursday.

Thousands of Democrats have been invited by supporters to come to Washington to oust them. The FBI on Wednesday questioned whether hotels, airlines and car rental companies have significant bookings for staying in the capital.

The warning from the police and the plotjet gave the Democrats an immediate majority in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to clear the session on Thursday and finish all work on Wednesday. Surprisingly, the Senate, which has half a seat each between Republicans and Democrats, will continue to meet on Thursday.

The FBI and police do not say which militants they are targeting. According to investigators, three percent of supporters in particular have been causing a stir on social media in recent days. This right-wing militant group was founded in 2008. Supporters are concerned that the federal government and Democrats want to usurp their right to own a gun. Members of this group attended the Capitol storm in January.

The far-right Dutchman was arrested in the United States

The FBI has arrested a Dutch man who belonged to a right-wing extremist group in the United States. From the indictment earlier this week brought out by the news site Daily Beast, It turns out that 26-year-old Jab Willem Lijers wanted to travel to Minneapolis this summer. The city was the scene of struggles after the death of George Floyd.

Supporters of the far-right group Pooglu Boise, of which Liezers is a member, also caused a stir. He was arrested by FBI agents on suspicion of possessing a firearm at his home in Virginia and living illegally in the United States.

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