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U.S. Senate strike to vote Thursday …

The U.S. Senate will vote Thursday on a bill to temporarily fund the work of state-owned enterprises and avoid a government strike that could damage the economy.

The US government’s new fiscal year begins on Friday. If the new budget is not arranged, parts of the federal government will be closed.

“We have an agreement to stop the government from stopping. We are going to vote that Thursday,” said Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer. The House of Representatives will soon hold its own vote on trillions of dollars worth of emergency supplies. As a result, the government will provide funding until December 3.

The move has wide support in both chambers and is expected to be accepted. Democrats do not want to strike. Republicans do not want a strike. It will give the result we all expect, and it will keep the lights burning, “Republican Senator John Corn said Wednesday.

Nevertheless, there are concerns that the referendum may be postponed and suspended. After all, the Progressive Democrats are demanding that no referendum be held on another trillion-dollar bill dealing with social spending and climate change. Otherwise, they threaten to vote against the strike ban bill.

Unpaid work

A government strike means that some government employees have to take compulsory leave or work temporarily without pay. Depending on how long such a situation lasts, some government services may be restricted or payments may be deferred.

Such strikes are very common in the United States. The administration of US President Joe Biden is doing all it can these days to avoid this and to avoid major negative consequences for the United States and the world economy.

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