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The most stable house in Zeeland (probably) is in Capelle

Petra Gertsson joined the operation. He had registered one of the many free sustainability vouchers that all Zealand homeowners can request for free. He posted a nice photo on Instagram with a steady light – in the middle of the vegetation. With that, she won the award.

Old building materials

Capelle went to the home of Petra and her husband Klaus in the old village center near the Alderman Schwart Machintosh Church in the municipality. The couple is more than two centuries old in an old working class home over thirty years old. Building A to Z has been renovated using used building materials.


Thinking about the cycle now known as circular construction has been a part of the Kapel couple. “Look,” Petra says as she leads the group around the house. “These old boards are now being paneled and the doors here are being recycled.” Tiles in the kitchen are a discarded block with some baking errors. But that is why they seem so old. Overall, the house looks like it has been like this for centuries.


But not everything at Gertsson’s house is old. Some parts are brand new, it is necessary – insists husband Klaus. “Like double glazed windows. After the old example, the frames are new. But they retain heat and prevent draft.”

Petra and Klaus are very happy with the check for 750 euros. They go with their eldest son and supporters on the weekends. “Nice with four,” Petra says. They do not know when it will be. “We have to figure it out.”

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Free sustainability products are still waiting for Geeland homeowners

The RRE program is specifically for homeowners, explains Alderman Macintosh. “It’s about helping them make their homes more sustainable.” Applicants receive a grant of around 90 euros for a product or service that will make their own home more stable. The grant program will last until the end of this calendar year.

You can request a voucher online

This is the message of the Regional Committee de Bevelandon