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Ondergrondse perscontainer met kantelmechanisme voor containers bespaart ruimte en zorgt voor nette uitstraling

Underground pressure container with container tilt mechanism saves space and provides a stylish look مظهر

It’s a well-known problem in office buildings, malls, and other locations where a lot of waste collects: containers take up a lot of space and create a cluttered appearance. Or the containers must be taken out at a certain time when the waste collector is leading its way. Pressstation Bin offers the solution here.

Roll containers or large pressure containers are often found in several locations near buildings that take up a lot of space. By installing the Pressstation Bin, it is possible to transport waste to a central location 24 hours a day and then dump it there. The Pressstation Box is a large capacity, manual tilting, underground pressurized container for emptying small containers. Traffic access control ensures that the container is not misused.

The Pressstation Bin can be emptied by vacuum trolley which also empties normal underground containers thus suiting the collection logistics of waste collectors. Because of the large capacity, the garbage truck does not have to come in often and because the Pressstation Bin takes up very little space, the environment remains clean and safe.

This innovative container is already being used in nursing and nursing homes and also in city centres.

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