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US announces consultations with allies

Mohammad Akund becomes the new Prime Minister of Afghanistan.
Photo: Belgimage

After leaving for Qatar, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen will meet with representatives of 20 US partners in Germany on Wednesday. They will talk about the Afghan interim government, the Taliban announced on Tuesday.

Minister Blingen visits a U.S. military base in Rammstein, West Germany. The center for the deportation of refugees from Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan is currently operating as a US center. There he will also meet with German Foreign Minister Heiko Masa. They will hold a digital meeting with the ministers of the twenty allies on the curriculum to be followed in Afghanistan.

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The United States is likely to use the meeting as an opportunity to strengthen international appeals to commemorate the Taliban ‘s pledge to liberate Afghanistan, which seeks to leave Afghanistan. Dealing with a Taliban government that has no women or non-Taliban members, but the Secretary of the Interior, who is wanted by the United States on terrorism charges, will probably be at the table.

Qatar: “Taliban show pragmatism, must be determined by their actions”

The Taliban have shown pragmatism and should be judged by their actions as the true rulers of Afghanistan. A representative of the Qatari Foreign Ministry told the French news agency AFP. Qatar acts as a neutral but influential mediator between the Taliban and the West.

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Lolwa al-Qatari, a spokesman for the Taliban and deputy foreign minister, said: “They have shown great practicality. We did not insist on recognizing the new regime, but he promised that al-Qatar would not stop talking to the Taliban if they did not keep their promises.

Al-Ghattar quoted the Taliban as saying that they were not opposed to the evacuation of more than 120,000 people from Afghanistan and that some ministries, such as the Ministry of Health, were operating normally. “Female doctors and nurses can take on their responsibilities,” al-Qatar said. He noted that not only the Taliban but also the logistical issues and heavy traditions make it difficult for Afghan women to work.