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US Navy Engineer Wants Secrets About Nuclear Power …

Archive photo. P EPA-EFE

A U.S. naval engineer is said to have tried to sell classified information about the construction of nuclear submarine reactors to a foreign intelligence service. The 42-year-old said he approached classified information classified as ‘secret’. The U.S. Justice Department said Sunday that he and his wife were arrested this weekend. They will be held accountable for spying and undisclosed violations.

Source: Belgian

The nuclear engineer reportedly sent the information to a foreign government in April 2020, asking that the information be transferred to the military secret service. The U.S. Justice Department did not disclose which country was involved. Representatives of that country informed the US Federal Police FBI in December 2020. FBI agents contacted the engineer through encryption and provided him with cryptocurrencies in exchange for information.

In June of this year, the engineer agreed to deposit a memory card containing classified information with the intelligence agency at a location in the US state of West Virginia. His wife would have helped him. According to the indictment, the FBI found a memory card containing 16 gigabytes of data hidden in a sandwich. The map contained military secrets about the construction, operation and performance of nuclear submarines.

After another charge, the engineer handed buyers – i.e., the FBI – an even bigger memory card with more assorted information in July. The third exchange took place in August.

According to the FBI, the information is about Virginia class submarines. They each cost about $ 3 billion and are one of the Navy’s most advanced submarines. Ships are expected to be in service until at least 2060.

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