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Blog – The advisory board meets on Friday, and unions and employers can no longer accept additional flexibility

“Currently a mountain of epidemics is slipping, but we only see a part of it.” This is what sciento virologist Steven van Kuch says in “The World Today”. “We deal with about 27,000 infections a day, but in fact that number is many times higher. In fact, it is quite possible to have 100,000 infections. Early, provisional statistics show that we can cross the milestone of 50,000 infections on a daily basis on Monday.

However, according to Van Kust, we no longer have to fear a tsunami of infections: “The Omigron variant is spreading less than we feared. It has to do with the measures in practice and the caution of many. A good thing because it makes hospitals easier to follow. So he believes the pressure on hospitals will not be so bad: “Despite the high number of infections, the number of critically ill patients is relatively low. We are at 200 combinations a day, but this puts us on the most confident side of the forecast shots.

In addition to action, according to Van Kust, we should be particularly grateful for our immunity to this: “According to a South African study, 75 percent of the Omigron wave is moderately biodegradable – built by the vaccine. It is said to be less pathogenic.

Sciensano virologist hopes that in the coming months we will end up in calm water: “If you fully analyze what is happening now, it is very encouraging. We have a serious wave of infections – and some are even more seriously ill – but this is a very different story than it was a year ago. If so we should have announced the lock anyway. Nevertheless, Van Kust calls for constant relaxation: “You want to avoid the yo-yo movement so you do not have to take your steps back. That fact must be taken into account. “

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