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Handig: zo weet je of iemand je blokkeert op WhatsApp

Useful: This way you know if someone is blocking you on WhatsApp

Find out if someone blocked you on WhatsApp with these useful tricks.

WhatsApp is and still is the biggest Reporting service. Not a day goes by that we don’t send dozens of messages to each other. But what’s worse than not getting a response? Usually you don’t know why, but it is possible that you are blocked. You do not know for sure. With these tips you will get closer to the truth.

How do you know if someone has blocked you?

Well, you have a strong suspicion that you are banned. This is bad. You can’t find this anywhere in the app, so you’ll really have to appreciate it for yourself. The first sign is, of course, that he no longer responds to you at all Messages. This already causes irritation. Also, you can no longer see the person’s avatar. Well, that’s fishy. Especially if you no longer see if someone is online. You can also turn this off, so it’s not a sure thing. This also applies to a status update.

Another indicator is the well-known check marks. The message arrived in two check marks. Messages never arrive with blocked contacts. So if only one remains, you may have been blocked. But you can also turn this off. Another final attempt is to summon someone. then through The WhatsApp, because these calls will not be made if you are blocked.

The bottom line is that you can’t be completely sure. The company stated that it “deliberately kept it ambiguous”. “We did this to protect your privacy when you block someone. For this reason, we can’t tell you if someone has blocked you.

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Prevent someone by yourself

If you want to use the function yourself and block a stalker, go to “Account” and then click on “Privacy”. You can block people there. If an unwanted person sends you a message, enter the phone number at the top. Click this, and open the profile to block someone. You can find this job below.