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Utrechtse Heuvelrug wants to make way for two solar fields |  De Cap . newspaper

Utrechtse Heuvelrug wants to make way for two solar fields | De Cap . newspaper

Hill back Utrechts Hovellrug Municipal Council wants two solar energy fields within the municipal boundaries. A plan for this was sent to the city council on Tuesday.

It is about a solar field of 11 hectares, divided into two sites in end of the road In the Overberg and a 12.5-hectare solar field in Ameronglawing in Amerongen. The two schemes are the result of a study conducted by the municipality in realizing a maximum of 25 hectares of solar fields. The city council will decide in December whether the plans can be developed further.

Together, these plans are likely to generate half of current household electricity consumption. This represents more than 2% of the current total annual energy consumption of the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Five plans This summer, the municipality offered the initiators the opportunity to submit a plan to create a solar field. The municipality received five plans, representing a total of more than Fifty hectares. The selection was made on the basis of the quality of the plans, including the consequences for biodiversity, nature and landscape, and innovative solutions were sought. The Consortium for Nature and the Environment in Utrecht also provided a second opinion in the field of participation, site selection and integration.

Ability The solar energy field plans of BHM Solar / Heuvelrug Energie in Overberg and LC Energy in Amerongen scored the highest in the assessment. The plan developed by Heuvelrug Energie / Pure Energie with the residents of Overberg is included in the list of reserves. “This plan has a lot of potential, but the exact location still does not exist. So the rating was lower. The moment one of the two selected initiatives is unable to apply for an environmental permit within a year, the Heuvelrug Energie / Pure Energie plan will continue the procedure” , according to the municipality.

In their current form, two of the five schemes do not fit the landscape picture the municipality has in mind. It’s about BHM Solar’s plans in Leersum and classify/ Heuvelrug Energie in Doorn. With modifications, both plans may receive a positive evaluation in the future.

to caution Utrechtse Heuvelrug contains valuable and unique landscapes. When incorporating sustainable energy generation into the landscape, it is very important that this be done carefully with the inhabitants and nature in mind. This is why the municipality had previously developed the “Energy in Landscape” assessment framework. This shows the conditions under which solar energy fields can be incorporated into a municipality. The submitted plans were evaluated on aspects such as landscape integrity, impact on natural values, and artistic quality. But how residents participated in the plans and opportunities for local ownership were also taken into account in the assessment.

Local Council The floor now belongs first to City Hall. If the board gives the go-ahead, the two plans may continue the procedure. The next step is for the two initiators to finalize plans with the locals. You must then apply for an environmental permit before the end of 2022 for these final plans. Solar fields are expected to be completed in 2024/2025. Solar fields provide about half of the current electricity consumption of all homes. Additionally, sustainable energy is needed for sustainable mobility, heating, lighting and home heating companies, among others.