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Valhalla Wijnekem Shopping Center for American and Asian Confectionery Opens: “American Candy Furious at Dictok” (Wijnegem)

If you look closely, you will find ‘Newsex’, ‘Bacon’ and ‘Cola Bottles’ in the new candy store, however you will have to go to Olleg Polleck, Johan’s other candy store in Vygnem. “I was already there when this shopping center opened its doors in 1993,” says Johann. “Thanks to my ‘sugar dad’ Willie Smeats, who is also named our wholesaler in Dineen, I have amassed a barrel full of knowledge.”

“I’ve been trying to keep up with all the trends, but in recent months, young people are asking for sweets I have not heard of. We are responding to this with this new candy store.

The name of the new store, which was lined up in long queues before it opened on Wednesday, says it all.America is the largest supplier of the largest stock on display at American Dream for Candy. But the colorful packaging with Tito content comes from South America, Japan and of course China.

Fans waited until the new candy store opened. © Yes


“The impact of TikTok on children’s consumption behavior is enormous,” says Johan Swartenbrooks. “There they see all of those exotic delicacies in their colleagues’ videos. They challenge each other through ‘challenges’ and try to catch rare varieties and test them.

“We also have our own TikTok channel, where a drama student tests colorful candies and shares his experiences. The same goes for Instagram. Everything is for sale on the internet. But from now on you can find the biggest perspective in real life here. We have some products that you can not find anywhere else. Here in the store we have deliberately accommodated a colorful ‘Insta Room’ in which our visitors can instantly photograph themselves to share the rarities they have discovered.

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Jelly fruits, fruit molds with liquid filling are very popular. But it also applies to nerds, with crisp balls in fruity flavors and bright colors. Harry Potter introduced us to the Jelly Bean Puzzles. Those ‘cranes’ still work well. Like all varieties of the iconic Orio cookie.

Breakfast recommendations.

Breakfast recommendations. © Yes

The lucky one

In the store, which has a surprisingly neutral aroma, a whole shelf is reserved for American breakfast cereals, but for everyday and especially sweet flavors. “Number one is undoubtedly the Fruity Lucky Charms range, which includes marshmallows in the flavor palette.

Bean mozzarella comes from Japan, which is the inevitable stuffed rice cake. No wonder the most delicious chitos and talkies chips come from Mexico “, Johannes’ faithful servant Chandel Rhombots leads us through desserts and snacks from all corners of the world.

Cool sneakers

There are also some refrigerators full of soft drinks. Now you can drink sneakers, M&M and other popular chocolate bars. But Monster’s energy drinks are popular with skaters and skiers, among others, at least in special editions.

“Now you have them in a lot of flavors, but we specialize in specialty series like Ginger Taste and ‘Pipeline Punch’. For Fanta enthusiasts I can tell you that we have their favorite drinks in seven different flavors that are not yet available,” concludes Johann Schwartnbrooks with his introduction.

Finally, we want to know if all of that candy is educationally responsible and healthy. “I’m constantly snacking on myself and for over forty years. But I do not avoid brushing my teeth. My teeth are still full, I am already 54 years old,” Johann testified.(Yes)

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American Dream for Candy Lovers, Wijnegem Shopping Center.

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