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Austria’s Anna Kasar extends Big Air title with amazing last jump | Winter sports

Anna Kaiser won the Big Air competition at Snowboard 4 years ago. New Zealand’s Joy Sadowski Chinnot was polarized for the 2nd gold medal at the Games, but Kauser kept the best until the last.

In slope style, Choi Sadovsky presented Sinnote New Zealand with its first gold medal at the Winter Games. It seemed a long time ago that the country would not have to wait even a second, because in a beautiful opening tab Sadovsky put Chinnot immediately ahead of the match block.

In the last run, all the skiers cleared all the stops. Many had to pay for those risks in the fall. The same is true of Japanese Reira Iwapuchi. In an attempt to get on stage, she sank into a breathtaking and never-before-seen “Triple 14” air.

But Evapochi could not bear it when it landed. Nevertheless, her co-workers fell into her arms unbelievably. They recognized the class of the tab.

We saw a lot of class in the last tab of 30-year-old Anna Kasar in a game full of teenagers. Austria was able to land his 1260 correctly and scored 95.50 points for it.

Sadowski Synnott now knew he had to do something equally amazing to get back to first place. The jump was good, but there was no landing. The gold went straight to Kazar.

Anna Kasar’s success tab

There may even be this jump from Zoi Sadowski Synnott

Japanese Ivapuchi does the impossible, but falls

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