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Van den Broom is disappointed: "You can see it slip through your fingers. Frustrated" |  Belgium Cup

Van den Broom is disappointed: “You can see it slip through your fingers. Frustrated” | Belgium Cup

“What are you going to say now?” Van den Broom wondered when he approached his players after the match. “You can’t blame them too much. We showed we have a good team, with a lot of energy, a lot of actions and a lot of goals at the right moments.”

“Only we don’t win. You have a lead and you have to cross the line and we won’t let that happen. We give it up because of gross mistakes in coverage. They are mistakes that shouldn’t happen, but they happen. Just like on Sunday you lose afterwards.”

“Solutions? It has nothing to do with tactics or situations, but with a lack of the right focus at the right time. You see it slipping through your fingers and that’s very frustrating.”

“I stick with the way we play. We can keep up with the level both on Sunday and today. In fact, you are twice the best team, except for the score. If you look at this match objectively, people enjoyed your gene.”

Of course, a more positive voice can be heard from Philippe Clement: “These were important weeks for the club. It wasn’t always the easiest period, but in Genk we won the competition and continued to win the cup. This is special.”

“Genk is a very good team with a good core and a good coach. We knew we were going to have a very difficult program this week. So these two wins are very good.”

The club managed to turn its deficit into a win on two occasions. This makes Philip Clement’s players appear stronger than John van den Brum’s players.

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“We need to confirm this further. This should be the norm. Does that mean we will always succeed in getting a result? No, but with this mentality you enforce it. Then Coolness during the penalty kicks at the end… It’s a beautiful evening. I made a list and dug deep into all the penalty takers. I saw that they were convinced.”