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Van der Boyle, the invincible Japanese and the Haqqa: Monday eye-catchers | Olympic

A new work week, more activity at the Olympics. On the mountain bike we look forward to Matthew van der Boyle and Tom Bitcock, who in Totami believe Shoaib Ono will be knocked down and Louis Cronen enters the Olympic swimming pool for the first time. Wondering what’s in store on Monday? These are the 3rd day to see in Tokyo.

What do the Belgians do on Monday?

After two wins and two defeats, tomorrow includes a reunion with our northern neighbors in a 3×3 basket. 3 x3 The Belgian Lions are playing 4.35am Against China, to 11.40 am The Netherlands is the opponent. Do they beat the Dutch in the pan?

According to Vance von Laird, he had “the worst start to the imagination” on the boat. He is 33rd after two races. Van Layer wants to change that quickly, starting 5:05 p.m..

Emma Flashchart finished – after a short fight with an opponent – in the top 10. With 6 days to go, our comrade is still not worried. The flashshirt will go in the water tomorrow 7.35 am.

Funny Leglus already swam in the pool today and will do it again tomorrow in the 200m breaststroke. He wants to get back on track for his normal acting 3.50 hrs. Louis Cronen died 12.30pm The 200m butterfly operates in series.

The Red Lions are playing 2.30 p.m. The first match against Germany. After Saturday’s win against the Netherlands (3-1, edition), they want to continue their good form. As world champions, the Belgians are less than gold.

After Morton von Real last night (23.30), Valerie Bartholomew and Claire Michael will close tomorrow with their personal triathlon. To 11:30 p.m. Belgian time they were submerged in water.

Van der Boyle Versus. Bitcoin on Mountain Biking

On the mountain bike it expects a fight between Matthew van der Boyle and Tom Bitcoin. Cyclocross riders will be delivered with a lot of altimeters at a distance of 4.1 km in the double cross country.

If Van der Boyle and Bitcoin make a mistake, Swiss Nino Schuerter and Matthias Fluckiger will wait. Belgian Jens Schurmans is aiming for the top 10 spots. The battle on the mountain bike starts at 8 p.m.

Is anyone tapping the invincible Shoaib Ono?

Shoaib Ono is undefeated in the up to 73kg category. The Japanese won gold at the Games in Rio, and now the Japanese hope for a new gold copy.

The figures reinforce Ono’s ambitions. The 29-year-old Japanese has won all his camps since 2015. Only in 2018 did he land in his home country and have to settle for bronze. Will he perform better in his home country at this time? Follow Judo from 4pm to -73kg.

Alana Smith did not allow herself to do the pigeon hole

A day after the men, the women finish their street race on skateboarding. Must see one of the most versatile skaters out there: Alana Smith. The 20-year-old from the United States does not want to be made a pigeonhole and goes on with life as a non-binary person.

“I don’t want to be known as a good female skater, but as a good skater and someone who makes a difference. My gender doesn’t play a role in this,” Smith shares. The match starts at 1.30am.

Will we see Haqqa in games?

Not a part of traditional rugby games, but the preference of Rugby 7. The game is played with 7 players instead of 15, with 7 minute parts. Hence the name.

Just like traditional rugby, so is New Zealand. All Blocks will celebrate the match victories with Haqqa. Will they snatch the gold medal? The All Blacks open their Olympic rugby tournament against South Korea at 3:30 a.m. and Argentina at 10:30 p.m.

Hakka is not done with 15, but with 7.

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