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Various complaints in the VRT about provider of inappropriate behavior Adriaan Van den Hoof

Various complaints in the VRT about provider of inappropriate behavior Adriaan Van den Hoof

In recent weeks, several reports have been received in the VRT about inappropriate behavior by Lieutenant-Colonel Adriaan Van den Hoof (49). that reports Newspaper It was confirmed by the Public Broadcasting Corporation. He assures that these are not accidents in the workplace.

A few women went to the prevention service on public radio to report incidents with van den Hoof. Panenka, the production house that makes the Switch, has also received an anonymous letter about inappropriate behavior from it. will be according to Newspaper Include physical aggression.

“It turned out to be reports from the private domain,” VRT answers. Public Radio says it “expressed its concern and informed Adrian van den Hoof orally, so that he could resolve those private issues”.

VRT also confirms coverage Newspaper That the Antwerp court received four complaints against van den Hoof regarding assault and battery. According to public radio, these complaints are separate from each other, and the latest facts will go back to 2020. They were temporarily dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

Van den Hoof: No judicial investigation

Van den Hoof asserts in his response that “no formal complaint has been brought against me by the Court of Appeal or anywhere else”. “There is no judicial investigation underway either, I want to make that clear.”

The fact that Studio Brussel’s Fien Germijns will take over auditioning for Van den Hoof’s “Switch” this summer after seven seasons has nothing to do with the complaints, according to VRT. The public broadcaster assures that this key fits the process of renewal and renewal. Van den Hoof thinks so. In addition, it was agreed with VRT to meet again after the summer to consider new projects. This doesn’t sound like a bad sign to me.

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