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Renovaties zorgen voor inspirerende plekken en buurten

Renovations create inspiring places and neighborhoods

Renovation of an Art Deco house in Saint Niklas.
(Frame in collaboration with Dorien Van Doorsselaer Photo © Luc Roymans)

Dozens of innovative renovations in Flanders and Brussels opened their doors today during the 23rd edition of Renovation Day. This gave futurists a unique opportunity to experience future-oriented architecture, and they accepted it with passion. 2,500 curious people came out during the open house day. But those who stayed home can also search inside all of the participating projects this year, through video tours, among other things. For example, the renovation day attracted another 40,000 virtual visitors, which is a decent number of 200,000 visits to the project.

The organizers, Netwerk Architecten Vlaanderen (NAV) and Ik ga Bouwen magazine, did their best to allow the open day to start in a safe, of course. After all, it remains important that builders, renovators and architects meet each other. Thus, this is an excellent moment for the architects to share the story of the renovation and their vision with interested visitors.

Steven Lannoo, Director of NAV: “We have to renovate 95,000 homes a year to achieve climate goals. The renovation doesn’t mean that we fill our old, sheltered homes with a great layer of insulation, but first and foremost we convert them into places where residents will be inspired, and the surrounding area will come alive Also, we hope this initiative will give an extra boost to many aspiring restorers, and during De Renovatiedag, visitors to the site discover that sustainability, aesthetics and comfort go hand in hand, thanks to the architect’s creative interventions.

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Architect Dirk Matthews, Chairman of the NAV Board of Directors: The transformation of the building will also be a huge challenge. Architects play an important role in this. After all, we will build not less, but differently. We must achieve greater spatial efficiency, or do more with increasingly scarce space. Fortunately, with an open mind and a healthy dose of courage, a lot is possible, which the revamps involved have confirmed more than ever this year. ?? Visitors were able to get full inspiration from many spatial pearls, such as sintjozefskerk In Roeselare (now office and multi-purpose space) or The former post office in Tienen (now high quality apartments).

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