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Video game hackers claim that Denuvo and DRM are responsible for tripping computers in ‘Resident Evil Village’

computer games Resident Evil Village I’ve long struggled with performance issues, including massive stuttering, which hackers claim is caused by Capcom’s DRM software.

After accusations from a prominent member of the video game cracking community that Capcom’s DRM software was causing major stuttering issues in PC versions, DSOG They indicate that they believe this will also be the case after the test.

The site claims that while they had stuttering issues during their initial performance analysis, they had not once encountered the same issues while playing for hours on a cracked version of Resident Evil Village.

The hacker responsible for the hack Resident Evil Village It is to explain:

“All in-game portals have been fixed, such as killing zombies, and Capcom DRM access points have been patched so that most of their features will never be implemented again. This results in a smoother gaming experience.”

Resident Evil Village. Credit: Capcom

They also claim that Capcom’s DRM was “totally confused” in the Denuvo VM, causing the game to run slower. He continued: “They are not urging anyone to accept this.”

These issues have been reported frequently by those who play Resident Evil Village On PC, players have reported that there is no solution yet During the past month.

Denuvo has been the subject of much controversy in the PC gaming community, as have numerous reports in the past – including an article by Intense Anti-piracy software has been accused in the past of negatively affecting game performance.

Earlier in the year, games were like Legendary Universal Edition and the Monster Hunter: The World The news was released to remove the DRM software from their files.

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