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Video: This is how BMW paints the car without hiding it

Video: This is how BMW paints the car without hiding it

When spraying a car, the prep work is the most work. This also includes masking off parts that have not been sprayed. The problem that arises when you don't register or don't register well enough is called Overspray. This can cause faded spots to appear on the paint around the part that was sprayed. BMW has found a way to prevent overspray on your car while spraying without masking.

The Munich brand's video is a bit old, but we didn't want to keep it from you. BMW uses special robots that can spray a second paint color without masking it. This is useful, for example, when applying details or racing lines over a layer of paint. You can compare its operation with an inkjet printer. In the video below, BMW applies this spraying method to the new M4 Coupe.

Special nozzle ensures precision

Instead of spraying paint onto the surface, new BMW robots apply the paint under jet pressure. An adjustable nozzle is used that can vary the thickness of the sprayed strips between 1 and 50 mm. This also means that it is easier to work with two different colors to create a special design, for example.

Until now, custom designs had to be masked out by hand. With this new technology this is unnecessary. Robots now do it faster and more efficiently. This saves BMW approximately 7,000 operating hours, ensuring lower energy consumption and thus a smaller CO2 footprint. See below what the M4 board looks like.