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Toyota launches BZ4X electric SUV, starting at €48,495

Peugeot 208 / 208e and 2008/2008 e. The same for Opel variants. Mazda CX-30 VS MX-30, basically sacrificing range. The Audi etron is also just a ridiculous thing compared to the various petrol variants, for example. Many people do not see the cuts at first glance, they know how to mask and hide them well, but they are there once you get used to it.

Overall, you get less interior space, fewer/cheaper speakers, fewer seats, thinner and cheaper plastic, less seating, and less insulation for NVH (tyre-rolling noise, vibrations from the road surface, etc.) With Tesla, the big screen is a lot cheaper than what other brands do. In practice, choosing a Tesla is quite bad, but nice and cheap. The build quality of a Tesla car is significantly inferior to some competition with a gasoline engine. There are hundreds of other car parts that differ between the gasoline and electric variants.

It’s nice that the electric version is faster, but that’s really your only advantage. Of course, the behavior of an electric car is sometimes more interesting, but this difference is artificial in part because many brands spoiled gasoline cars.

Due to a change of work, I was temporarily stuck with two cars. Model 3 and Mazda 3 sedan. The Mazda is actually a lot quieter inside, despite the engine and sound quality much better, I also liked the seats and handling better and the materials actually felt more luxurious in the Mazda 3. Things like the head-up display and more buttons are also fluent, but At a lower speed, I found the driving very nice and I miss that Mazda every day. Tesla has nice tricks, but it’s basically nice to see and not fun to use. Finishing the doors, placing the speakers, you name it, it was really a level above Tesla. The Maarja the Mazda also had an oddly low heart rate hence there’s a hefty dose left for the fun stuff compared to the Tesla because of the expensive battery pack.

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