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Viewers are upset by Big Brother's new voice: "Can't we vote for him?"  |  Television

Viewers are upset by Big Brother’s new voice: “Can’t we vote for him?” | Television

And yesterday evening, eight residents moved into the house, where they had to remain closed to the outside world for a hundred days. Manufacturers promise that the new season will be “heavier, more exciting and unexpected” than last year. Scenes also have a greater impact on the course of the game.

Not only has Big Brother’s house been completely adapted for the new season, but Big Brother itself is completely new. The voiceover for Groen Meader, who was previously the voice of Big Brother, will not return. Who took on his job is a mystery at the moment, but a large portion of reality series viewers aren’t happy with the new voice.

Viewers’ reactions are raining down on social media. “Really Big Brother’s voice, we can’t vote for it. Too terrifying. Get the same feeling as you’re passing a nail on the board,” one viewer tweeted. And someone else: ‘How do they find such a bad #Bigbrother sound? Couldn’t Gerard Ecome score this or something? Other viewers argue that Big Brother’s voice needs to be better expressed, that he appears to be “speaking in a can” and is “incomprehensible”. However, not everyone is dissatisfied. Some people think it’s only a matter of time to get used to the new voiceover.

“Big Brother” can be watched every business day at 19:35 on Play4, GoPlay and Play247. The live show can be watched every Saturday at 8pm on Play4, GoPlay and Play247. You can also catch up on the live broadcast from January 3rd.