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Villarreal writes club history with the European final after a lackluster spectacle |  UEFA European League 2020/2021

Villarreal writes club history with the European final after a lackluster spectacle | UEFA European League 2020/2021

  1. 30 ‘- verve. Samuel Chukwisi by Jeremy Pino
  1. 90 + 3 ‘- generation – Eddie Nikitia
  2. 90 + 2 ‘- ferf. Jeremy Pino on Moi Gomez
  3. 90 + 2 ‘- ferf. Alfonso Pedraza Alberto Moreno door
  4. 90 + 2 ‘- ferf. Hector Bellerin by Eddie Nikitia
  5. 87 ‘- yellow – Yéremi Pino
  6. 81 ‘- verve. Kiran Tierney, Willian Bab
  7. 80 ‘- verve. Papier Pierre Emerick Aubameyang Alexandre Lacazette
  8. 73 ‘- ferf. Paco Alcacer door Carlos Baca
  9. 67 ‘- ferf. Martin Odegaard by Gabriel Martinelli

We will not get an English final in the European League. Villarreal put an end to that by eliminating Arsenal. After winning the first leg, a boring 0-0 score in London was enough. Unai Emery gets his fame against the former Arsenal club.

Arsenal – Villarreal in short

  • Important moment: Aubameyang was almost the man of the night. A cross from Bellerin drops perfectly into the Gabonese striker’s head ten minutes before the end. Only the post is the one who keeps Villarreal away from the opening goal.
  • Man of the matchKaito: It wasn’t offensive much today. The best player in the match was Raul Albiol. His unbeatable Spanish retirement blanket was in the air, as he launched his men towards the first European League Final.

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The first half helps sleep

The mission was clear for Arsenal from the start. After losing the first leg, they had to beat Villarreal 1-0 or by several goals to qualify for the final. In the end, it didn’t come to that.

Villarreal was the one who got off the best from the first blocs. Samuel Chukwueze received the skin after a good team work. He shot into the far corner but goalkeeper Leno was on his toes. A little later, the Nigerian was injured. Without it, the fire is out of the game. We arrived at the mesmerizing first half.

Even Pierre Emerick Aubameyang was noted. The striker, who has been out of action for months due to malaria, got the ball in his feet after some bickering. The Gabonists did not hesitate and directed the flogging at the standing.

Pala keeps Arsenal out of the final

It was as if Mikel Arteta had read his Levitical forces during the intermission. Arsenal began the second half sharply. Pépé and Smith-Rowe missed the chance to win 1-0.

Villarreal thought it was okay. The Yellow Submarine was sure of the final 0-0 and focused mainly on defensive organization. Arsenal felt water on their lips and Arteta unleashed his forces in a final attack.

That almost led to another goal. A Pelerin cross fell on Aubameyang’s head. Gabon’s header fell on the post. Bad luck for Arsenal. Lucky for Villarreal, who can prepare for the Europa League Final for the first time.

Aubameyang is close to the goal of recovery

  1. The end, 22 hours 55. The end. Unai Emery did it again. He can go to the Europa League Final with Villarreal. The first in the history of the club. He smashes Arsenal after a desolate goalless draw. In the final, Villerrail faces Manchester United, who has set Roma aside in two matches. .
  2. The second half and the 96th minute the match ended
  3. The second half, the 94th minute. The last minute. Looks like we’re not going to get to an English English final. Arsenal have one minute to change that. .
  4. Arsenal’s Eddie Nikitia gets a yellow card during the second half, the 93rd minute
  5. The second half is 92 minutes. Nikitia, who has just come, continues on Gaspard’s feet for a moment. Yellow is his punishment. .
  6. Second half, 92nd minute. Substitution in Villarreal CF, Moi Gómez in, Yéremi Pino outside
  7. The second half, minute 92. Substitution in Villarreal, Alberto Moreno, Alfonso Pedraza
  8. The second half, minute 92. Substitution in Arsenal, Eddie Nikitiah inside, Hector Bellerin outside
  9. The video assistant referee should be fulfilled for a moment. Pépé was briefly suspended in the penalty area. The VAR referee concluded that it was not sufficient for a penalty kick. . The second half, the 90th minute.
  10. The second half, the 88th minute. Only all hands on deck with the Spaniards. For a moment it became exciting at 16 meters from Villarreal. Bellerin’s shot was eventually banned. A minute later, Blairn had a chance again. Pépé finds his Spanish team-mate, but the right-back finds another Spanish man on his way. .
  11. The second half, the 87th minute. Barty again lost the ball. No, it’s not a Thomas Party game. The Ghanaian lost the ball again. Fortunately for him, Villarreal cannot win again. .
  12. Villarreal’s Jeremy Pino gets a yellow card during the second half, the 87th minute
  13. The second half, the 85th minute. There are still 5 minutes on the clock. Arsenal are getting less and less time to reach the Final. Arteta’s men still have 5 minutes. & Nbsp; .
  14. The second half, the 84th minute. Rolly is unsure of the high balls. Rolly trailed again on a high ball. Fortunately for the Argentine, the ball went into a corner. However, this doesn’t lead to anything for Gunners. .
  15. The second half, the 82nd minute. Villarreal is calm. There are no nerves with Villarreal yet. The Spaniards continue to choose to play football. & Nbsp; .
  16. The second half, the 81st minute. There was no penalty kick. Lacazette is only on the field when he’s already lying in the penalty area. In iteration, we see the French first pull his closest striker to the ground. So no penalty. .
  17. The second half, the 81st minute. Substitute in Arsenal, Wolian inside, Kieran Tierney outside
  18. The second half, the 80th minute. The luck of Arsenal! Aubameyang president on the post.

    Bad luck for Arsenal! Aubameyang president on the post

  19. The second half, the 80th minute. Get out of Aubameyang. This was immediately the last work done by Gabon. Lacazite is an alternative. .
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