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Vivo patent application shows smartphone with built-in camera drone – tablets and phones – news

A patent application from Chinese manufacturer Vivo shows a smartphone with a built-in drone. According to the manufacturer, a drone should make it easier to take pictures that would otherwise be impossible with a regular smartphone.

The drone has two holes for cameras, such as The patent application is mentioned on Wipo. The system should make it possible to give phone cameras more flexibility, for example, to take selfies from a greater distance than is possible with a phone or a selfie stick. The idea comes from the pop-up camera system, which has been on some phones for several years now. The pop-up camera has now given way to the hole in the screen. Previously Vivo introduced a camera module that can be used without flying Can come out of the housing.

The intent is that the user can detach the drone unit from the cameras with a button, after which the drone will exit through the hole in the top of the device. Operation via phone screen. The drone has its own infrared sensors, rotors and battery to keep it in the air for some time. How long this is is unknown. and Dutch LetsGoDigital found the patent application طلب, which appeared online Thursday.

Vivo is a Chinese phone manufacturer and falls under the same parent company as OPPO, OnePlus, and Realme, among others. Electronics manufacturers often patent far more technologies than they end up using in products, and it is unknown if this technology will ever make a comeback in a prototype or in a real phone.