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Vivo patented a phone with a detachable camera and battery

Vivo patented a phone with a detachable camera and battery

Vivo has once again patented a smartphone with a detachable camera module. This time it’s about an advanced concept and a smartphone with a completely borderless screen. We explain how Vivo plans work.

Detachable Vivo Camera

Vivo is one of the largest in China, and although the manufacturer is active in Europe, the brand has yet to release devices in Benelux. The brand has now filed a patent for a phone with a detachable camera module, which I discovered LetsGoDigital.

First of all, the smartphone has a completely borderless screen, without a directional screen. Selfie camera. There is also a camera module with two lenses on the back, and if this module slides up thanks to a rail, the selfie camera will come out on the back, including an additional flash.

But that’s not all, of course, because you can also simply remove the camera from the smartphone completely and then you can use it to take pictures thanks to the built-in battery. It will still be connected to your phone, most likely via Bluetooth. The camera unit also has a hinge with which you can place the camera upright, like a tripod. When finished, slide the unit back into the phone until it is magnetically attached. The camera battery will start charging automatically.

Picture of the detachable unit

I live in the camera

Vivo has already built a solid reputation when it comes to phone concepts, and what’s striking about these experimental devices is that the brand is always doing something creative with the camera. Think of the pop-up camera It consists of several parts, that other detachable unit with speech technology and camera unit that drone at the same time He is. Vivo doesn’t just stick to concepts, because its smartphone has it gimbalcamera It was introduced in May.

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What do you think of the idea of ​​a detachable camera module? Do you find it interesting because it can then take pictures independently or fly through the air as a drone? Or maybe it would seem interesting to you to replace multiple types of lenses. Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.