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Your metabolism only slows down after you turn 60 -

Your metabolism only slows down after you turn 60 –

Almost everyone thinks that you gain weight faster after 30 years, because your metabolism slows down. It’s an excuse. Research shows that this only happens after the age of 60.

More than 6,400 people from 29 countries were surveyed. What surprised me: Babies up to one year old can burn nearly 4,000 calories a day. This is twice as much as in adults. Until the age of twenty, metabolism slowly slows down. From the age of 20, metabolism remains stable, even during pregnancy or menopause. Your metabolism slows down again after your 60th birthday.

“This is a very revolutionary research,” answers Laura de Jeter, nutritionist at Train your gut feeling The best for you at Het Laatste Nieuws. “It is often assumed that our metabolism begins to slow down before we are 60 years old. This contradicts these findings.”

How can so many people continue to weigh when they are over the age of 30? “It’s because of a lot of things,” Laura says. People are usually less active. Many teens go to school, participate in sports as a team, and simply have more free time and therefore more opportunities to exercise.”

Work and family stress can also play a role. “The older you get, the more difficult and responsible the choices you have to make. At the same time, you have energy for a limited number of choices per day. By evening, many people are mentally tired, and their ability to make rational choices decreases. There is a greater chance that they will ask for something. Unhealthy to eat or takeaway because it’s an easy choice.”

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