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Vlaams Belang launched his own app |  interior

Vlaams Belang launched his own app | interior

Vlaams Belang is the first party to launch a political app. The application has many functions, such as a chat function, an overview of the news, and an interactive section. This renewal is because “Big Tech” companies like Facebook and Twitter will target the party. “With this app, we take matters into our own hands: don’t wait until it’s too late, break the censorship yourself!” seems like that.

The first for Flanders: Vlaams Belang is the first political party to have its own smartphone app. The party not only promises exclusive content on the app, but also offers a variety of features that are only available through the app: “VB Chat” that allows users to chat directly with the group, a news feed and a scoring system that allows users to score points. to win. This can be done, for example, by liking something. But apart from useful methods, the party also emphasizes the political necessity of implementation.

After all, the party often faced censorship. For example, Tom Van Grieken was formerly Banned on Twitter After he shared a photo of one of the advanced politicians near Stalin’s poster. President Vlaams Belang also came under Facebook censorship when he wished Jürgen Conings’ relatives too much power. The party has already served in the room law Project To reduce censorship and recently announced that it would take an initiative at the Flemish level against censorship of online media.

President of Flams Belang Tom van Greiken. © Photo News

‘Big tech won’t frustrate us either’

“Google, Facebook and Twitter are not for long the free online havens where everyone and every opinion is welcome,” said CEO Tom Van Greiken. Zwarte Piet should have believed it, but the “Big Tech” companies have now clearly set their sights on right-wing nationalists. Former US President Donald Trump has been banned indefinitely. We have also been censored several times and many of our Twitter and/or Facebook pages have been (temporarily) banned. With this app we take matters into our own hands: don’t wait until it’s too late, break the censorship yourself! “

“There is a good chance that Vlaams Belang’s social media pages will be removed by the 2024 elections. That’s why we have to use a different medium, and we are getting creative with an app,” says Van Greiken at VTM Nieuws.

“Flames Billangers are pioneers, and that’s very clear again,” he continues. In the 1990s, Flams Belang – then Flams Block – was the first party to own a website. We were the first to successfully advertise using large 20 sq.m. ‘Banner Boards’. Our party was the biggest on social media for years, and last spring we were the first to organize a digital New Year’s party. However, it was always out of necessity, and that is also the case now.”

The application is free and available through Or in the Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iPhone owners.

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