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Vlaams Belang withdraws candidate for homosexuality statements

The screenwriter has published frequently controversial statements about LGBT people in the past. According to Vlams Belang, he was nominated anyway because of his expertise.

Professional ban

“But now his personal opinion is a stumbling block. It’s like a professional ban in Nazi Germany or Stacey. If you have a wrong political opinion, you are not allowed to do your job. A plumber or a doctor. What was his political opinion before he did his job? Ask? “, Said the Van Greeks.

When asked about his own position on the matter, the party leader replied: “LGBT people are not unnatural. The birth of a male in a woman’s body should be horrible or vice versa.”

But the Van Greeks also said: “Men who become women and then bathe in games with women, it seems to me far off. I also oppose the teaching of transgender people. The problem is that men who wear clothes are so casually presented that in the world they can wear it, live, live if they want to. But. I have to respect my opinion that it’s at least weird. “

Murder in Beaver

Na d Homosexual murder Last week on a man in Beaverton in the East Flanders, Vlams Belong spoke out loud against homosexuality. “Children and people of Muslim descent are over-represented in acts of violence against the LGBT people,” the party told parliament.

So VRT’s political correspondent Evan de Water says Elbers’ statements have put the party in a difficult position. “Then suddenly the 73-year-old Flemish screenwriter appears with such statements.”

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The journalist expects the storm to subside now for Vlams Belang. “The Greeks may say he is making the decision to avoid it. At the same time he is making a plea for free speech, and conservative Vlams Belong used this to highlight positions.”