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Vote now for your favorite for the Public Space Award

Vote now for your favorite for the Public Space Award

Candidates in the “Urban” category.

Steinaker Collection, Ghent

Ghent redeveloped Steinaker and some of the surrounding streets. Through this project, the city makes its climate adaptation policy concrete and clear. Numerous smart interventions taking into account the climate ensure a green, pleasant, safe and, above all, liveable neighbourhood: a clear reference for the future. More information

(Groning Park in Kortrijk).

Parking becomes park. With the Groeningepark project, Kortrijk smoothed the 2,700 square meter asphalt surface of the parking lot along the Groeningelaan. The project makes the city more livable and more climate resilient in different areas: greening by connecting the green strip to Kortrijk city centre, reorganization of mobility and water management. The park is designed as a city park for everyone. More information

Zenitras, Haley

The water quality in the Zenne River in Halle has improved significantly compared to a few decades ago. So it's time to make the waterway experienceable again and restore the connection to the city. Signe's unique terraces – accessible rest areas and adventure starting points – invite visitors to experience the waterway up close. More information

Candidates in the “National” category.

Green Sea Wall, Middle Kirk

The new seawall – or rather promenade – has been completed in Westende since the summer of 2023. It is a beautiful, spacious green belt with winding shell paths and subtly integrated terraces instead of the traditional stone seawall. The park combines smart and robust coastal defense with green aesthetics and offers more sun, more green space, more protection and more experience. From 2025, the municipal council will also renovate the Middelkerke sea dam according to this concept. More information

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Walking street Heldenplein, Londerzeel

The municipality of Londersell is working on a plan to redesign the downtown streets. Pending completion, the school environment in Heldenplein has been temporarily furnished. It is a pre-assessment with limited resources, but with the advantage of a car-free, greener school environment and a park between the school gates. More information

Bancbextrat, julegym (wevelgym)

The wide, paved Bankbeekstraat has been transformed into a green, safe, climate-adapted village street. It connects to the large green public space in the vicinity and indirectly to the Bergelen district range a little further away. This makes the street an important missing link in the network of slow, blue-green communication hubs in the municipality of Gullegem. More information

10 projects receive honorable mention

In addition to the six Public Space Award nominees, 10 other projects were named honorable mentions for the first time. These projects, although not nominated for the main award, still deserve recognition for their contribution to improving public spaces. These projects are presented to the public during a one-minute presentation during the plenary session of the Public Space Conference. Discover them here: Shengenplein Phase 2, New York, Tallinsstraat in Antwerp; Stevens Park in Bruges; Legrand Square in Brussels; Canalcom Cobb in Hasselt; Tuinwijk 2.0 New Kortrijk in Kortrijk; Tinel Park in Mechelen. Crevestraat and the park area of ​​Moerbeke; Park Fort Lisle in Bourse Sint Amands; Saint Joseph is breaking out! On Rosselare and Future Street in Sint-Niklaas.