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VRT Update: The news at 6pm only lasts a minute

VRT Update: The news at 6pm only lasts a minute

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In 2022, VRT will also renew its television news. For example, the news overview from 6pm on a day will be given a new look: starting on Monday, the anchor will provide a one-minute preview, with a condensed overview of the highlights. That public broadcaster reports.

GVsource: Belgian

In 2021, HetJournal has already undergone some changes. The studio got a multifunctional makeover, “Laat” got its own format, and the web studio was further expanded to do the many broadcast function of VRT NWS Live.

The broadcaster will continue this renewal this year. News Overview At around 6pm, Day One will take on a new shape from next Monday. The anchor then offers a one-minute preview with a brief overview of the highlights of the “Het journaal” at 7 p.m. Over the weekend, the current look of “Het journaal” at 6 PM on One and “Het journaal” at 8 PM on Canvas will be maintained.

“Reporting reliable news should be central to everything we do,” explains Dmitriy Verbrough, Editor-in-Chief. “A fresh look ahead at 6pm. Leaves room to invest more in ‘Het journaal’ starting at 7pm. Another important step to deliver quality news and information every day.”

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