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First look at Thor in a brand new outfit and helmet in 'Thor: Love and Thunder'

First look at Thor in a brand new outfit and helmet in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

in a Motorcycle rental We have already seen the Thunder God from Chris Hemsworth with helmet. He wore this in his fight with the Temple. Now it looks like it’s in the fourth movie Thor: Love and Thunder He will wear a helmet again.

This helmet is akin to the helmet worn by Thor in the comics. In the new promotional art for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we see Thor in his new costume.

It’s not yet certain if this is an official design, but due to the long delay, several parties have been on promotional materials for a while and occasionally leaked. Odds are that this is official.

Thor in a new suit and helmet
We also see a lot of other characters in the design, including Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, a small part of Black Panther (the new?), Okoye, Shang-Chi, Star-Lord, Hulk, Groot, and The Wasp. Right behind Thor you see Mighty Thor aka Jane Foster Natalie Portman.

The design of Thor’s costume is similar to that worn by Thor in Walt Simonson’s comics. Thor: Love and Thunder It is scheduled to hit theaters in July this year.

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