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Vzw Let's Go Urban bankruptcy interim administrator files

Vzw Let’s Go Urban bankruptcy interim administrator files

Last month, the city of Antwerp decided to end cooperation with Let’s Go Urban, thus ending the organization’s subsidies. At the end of this month, the Corporate Court will look into the matter and decide whether Let’s Go Urban will actually declare bankruptcy.

Interim Director Anime Moynez: “The city of Antwerp has withdrawn its recognition of the non-profit organization for participating in youth work and is no longer providing operational resources,” says Moynez. “Further, the concession for the building (Urban Center, Ed.) Has been withdrawn, which means that it must be vacated and thus there is no longer an additional working space for the non-profit organization. Finally, I anticipate the necessary compensation claims regarding the supposed use of resources – I am not a judge – formally. Is not correct. ”

“The job I received from the court in Tongeren on April 27 was to investigate whether or not the nonprofit was still viable or not.” Moynes said, “I came to the conclusion that this is not the case.” Then, according to the law, I have a lift assignment A bankruptcy lawsuit against the non-profit association. The court will have to decide next Thursday in the corporate court in Antwerp whether there is a case of bankruptcy and whether or not to declare bankruptcy. ”

The Antwerp Business Court will hear the case on Thursday, May 27. Moynes says other board members may still be able to intervene in the procedure.