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Wallonia wants adaptive speed limits and a new style...

Wallonia wants adaptive speed limits and a new style…

will Wallonia Catching up with Flanders in the field of traffic control, more specifically in relation to Speed ​​cameras And Speed ​​limits? The question that arises is that the government seems to be moving more and more in this direction. There will be two new ones in the coming weeks and months Test projects It is implemented with Variable speed limits on building site And roads where often Slow vehicles ride.

building site

there are many Road works In Belgium, it often lasts for several months, which angers drivers, especially when there are no employees at work. The government wants this Work areas Changing traffic lights Enter, that Higher speeds Allowing when there is no activity at the construction site in question.

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If the testing phase is successful, the trial can be extended to More dangerous Weather conditionsAs the speed will also be reduced. the Speed ​​cameras will be able to To adjustsince they are almost all connected nowadays.


Highways and national roads

He. She The second project Back to Highways And National roadswhere Speeds It can also Different Depends on conditionsespecially when Slow vehicles It has been detected. This is often the case in summer or fall, when agricultural vehicles are on the road. The aim is not only to provide greater safety for other road users, but also to prevent traffic jams by improving traffic flow thanks to a convenient pace.

In an interview with SudInfo Minister of Road SafetyValerie De Puy (MR) pointed out that adjusting speed limits based on changing road conditions, such as the presence or absence of workers on construction sites, the presence of slow vehicles on the highway such as Nationale 25, or weather conditions, The legality of speed limits Enhance and improve air quality as well.

Searching for a new speed camera

According to SudInfo, Wallonia is interested in one of these projects A new type of radar Which appeared for the first time in France. It's about to Sound radarswhich already exists in cities such as Paris or Lyon, which will be able to impose fines on vehicles (cars and motorcycles) that do not respect the imposed speed limits.

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the Minister of EnvironmentCéline Tellier (Ecolo), is responsible for this project. She indicated that she is aware of the approval of this new type of radar in France, and that meetings are being organized with manufacturers. However, it is worth noting that Extreme noise There is no traffic violation And there is nothing about this in the traffic rules. It's a matter of that Cabinet for the Environment.

Brussels It is already further away from Wallonia in this regard, because it is already there Two audio radars Female worker, one at Louis Bertrandlan in Schaerbeek and one at Bergenstraat in Anderlecht. No fines have been issued yet, but authorities are patiently waiting Results depend on the testing period. We can imagine that this will soon lead to one Change in legislation And even New fines For those who make a lot of noise on the road.

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