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Warzone Verdansk exploit gets fix

Warzone Verdansk exploit gets fix

Developer Raven Software says the bug in Call of Duty: Warzone’s new Verdansk map will be fixed “soon”.

“We looked at vulnerability points on the map that would allow players to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible,” the studio said in a post on Twitter. “Fix soon!”

The tweet also contains a link to Ravens Trello Board, Which shows a schematic representation of the developer’s plans. “Scheduled Repair” is written on the board, so the fix might be ready with the next update.

The exploit allows players to “hack” the map in certain places and walk under the surface of the battlefield. This allows players to shoot enemies from a completely hidden location, which is a huge problem for a competitive game.

Verdans 84 ‘, as the map is officially called, was published just a few days ago and this is the first major glitch. The unexpected gain is that players discover this very quickly, which gives developers the opportunity to quickly work on a fix.

Raven previously indicated that the original Verdansk will never return.

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