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Spotify raises subscription prices again – Business AM

Spotify again appears to be planning to increase its subscription prices. Turns out, this is an email that many users have received with information about the new subscription prices. Spotify Premium Duo and Spotify Premium Student will be up to 1 €, Spotify Premium Family up to 2 €.

Several users reported in the last few days that they received a message from Spotify About the next price increase. It is about a leaked email that all users will receive in the next few days. In this, the company says that the price increase is necessary to be able to continue offering “new content and features”.

For new users, the higher rate will start from the beginning of May, and existing users will receive their current pricing plan for another month.

  • Spotify Premium Duo: +1 € per month (€ 13.99)
  • Spotify Premium Family: + 2 € per month (17.99 €)
  • Spotify Premium Student: + 1 € per month (5.99 €)

Also for Belgium?

There has been no confirmation from Spotify regarding the news at this time. It is therefore not clear whether the price increase will also take place in Belgium. At first glance, it seems quite logical that it should happen, although there is one strange thing about it.

Leaked email about Spotify Premium Family subscription It talks about the current subscription price of 14.99 euros. However, in Belgium this subscription was saved up to € 15.99 in October. We contacted Spotify for clarification, but we are still waiting for their response.

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