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Watch the Walloon Arrow Women's Movie Live Streaming |  Siham Walloon (Women) 2021

Watch the Walloon Arrow Women’s Movie Live Streaming | Siham Walloon (Women) 2021

On Wednesday, all of the floodlights will be cycling onto Huy’s Wall again. Ladies will start early (8.35 AM), starting at 11.05 AM, you can watch on One and with the live broadcast on this page. Will Anna van der Bregen win for the seventh time in a row?

  1. 07h30. Start in an hour. It’s the woman’s turn early today. The starting pistol will be delivered at 8.30 AM in Huy, and it is expected to arrive around 12:30 PM to 12:30 PM. We are following the course from the beginning. TV broadcasts and live broadcasts will also begin at 11.05 hours. .
  2. 21-04-2021.
  3. It’s 10 in the morning. 16. This was the case in 2020: World champion Anna van der Bregen has fulfilled her favorite role. The Dutch were the strongest on the Hue Wall for the sixth time in a row, a record. .
  4. 10 am 15. This is how last year was :.
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