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LIVESTREAM Walloon Arrow: Who is the strongest spring on Huy's Wall?  |  Arrow Wallon 2021

LIVESTREAM Walloon Arrow: Who is the strongest spring on Huy’s Wall? | Arrow Wallon 2021

    1. Maurits Lamertink (Ned)
    Leading group

    1. Maurits Lamertink (Ned)


After the Amstel Gold Race, the peloton traditionally moves to Wallonia for the Walloon Arrow. Who is the strongest on the Hui wall? Follow the price trend here. From 2 PM onwards, it will start streaming on Een and live broadcast will be available.

Look at the Walloon arrow:

  1. 3:59 p.m. So the price for Martial Spirit ends in the Lammertink basket. The Dutchman, who was riding in the wind for a day at Amstel, still had 14 inches 7 km from the end.
  2. 3 pm 58. Valverde has already chosen his wheel: he’s targeting the rear of the bedcock. & Nbsp; .
  3. 3 pm 57. Willens, Frail and Van Wilder take off.

    Willins, Frail and Van Wilder flee

  4. 3 pm 56. Everything is still on a napkin. Wellens and colleagues are neutered again. Another Flèche Wallonne classic: try, until then, but escape is really difficult. .
  5. 15 hours 55.9 km more. We’re upstairs. The Lammertink saves a few seconds, and Wellens, Fraile and Van Wilder have barely 100 meters on the peloton. There Karabaz jumps away again. & Nbsp; .
  6. 3:55 p.m. These attacks will continue anyway. Michelle and Waits.
  7. 3 p.m. 54. Moniquet presses a final round of strength to pull Wellens into the Lammertink. In peloton, Knox defines Alaphilippe’s rhythm. & Nbsp; .
  8. 3 pm 53. Lamertienck did it smarter and he’s the last survivor, but Wellens almost got it. About a kilometer from the summit, the peloton interacts with Van Wilder. & Nbsp; .
  9. Côte du Chemin des Gueuses. Did the flame hit the pan? Little. Wellens goes for it again, and Carapaz and Vansevenant also mix. & Nbsp; . 15 hours 52.
  10. 15 hours 51. On the way to that 11th slope, we are sprinting the actual running of the group. It is a battle to get tickets to the hostel. & Nbsp; .
  11. 15: 49. Favorite blocks are still well represented. That way, Pidcock can still count on a server or 4. The group is racing like a whirlwind towards the penultimate hump of the day. & Nbsp; .
  12. 15 hours 47. another 15 km. Moniquet and Vervaeke home cyclists can pull from a bottomless barrel. Is Vansevenant in 2021? Anyway, they keep the peloton talking for a while. .
  13. 15 hours 46. Foursome maintains gap state again: 29 seconds remaining. Isn’t there really anyone going to fire a bullet in front of a wall? The frequency is of course high, which may explain the negativity. & Nbsp; .
  14. 15 hours 43. Groupama-FDJ winding towards another 20-kilometer arc. Commander Gaudeau clearly indicated that his legs were itchy. & Nbsp; .
  15. 3 pm 41. Moniquet and Fairwijk making an impression. In the leadership group they seem to be engaged in a prestige meeting. Armée and Lammertink will remain on board. & Nbsp; .
  16. 3 pm 39. Almost every team put their share in the bag. They almost stand in each other’s way, because Groupama-FDJ and Bora-Hansgrohe now take their responsibility. & Nbsp; .
  17. Cote Derive. We prepare ourselves for the tenth slope of Flèche Wallonne. Leading group falls victim to a chase at Peloton: 39 seconds left. & Nbsp; . 15 hours 38.
  18. 3 pm 36. Some tension, some hair loss, but other than that the fall didn’t cost Bedcock much strength. . Michelle and Waits.
  19. 15:35 o’clock. Gero Winner Hart returns Bedcock to the delicate Peloton tail. Kwiatkowski also aligns with the team’s interests and leads the captain to the front. & Nbsp; .
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